Reduce, Reuse, Reverse Amazon Prime Now Recycling Program - Demand it!

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This problem: Plastic.  

This inspiration: Post by Olivia Jury on Facebook shared by Hannah Davis and seen by me! The real inspiration is the beautiful bird pictured like that. Sickening. 

Theory: whilst regulations and worldly awakenings will eventually make way into every boardroom and kitchen...this will take time unless we make recycling easy. 

Think about it, most modern communities are spoiled. Same day front door delivery on nearly anything you could ever want which, can all be queued for delivery by a button or voice command!!?? That said, does anyone think the upcoming generations who are poised to be the most dependent on technology and convenience are going to recycle if it requires effort? Sadly, we all know the answer is no, we're not even doing a good job now. 

You, me, we can do this right now. We can plug this hole on the sinking earth ship together so that the other important aspects of change can make their way forward to save this ship completely! 

Path Forward:

1. Get Amazon on board. This should be easy because they are a great company. They just need to see that we care enough to make a change. You can do this be signing this petition. 

What does Amazon need to do?* 

(a) Cause prime now drivers and other carriers (where possible) for prime to participate in picking up a small amount of containerized recyclables when dropping off packages and then turn these branded bins in to the distribution center when picking up more packages. 

(b) Establish cooperations between distribution centers and recycling centers to organize the larger drop-offs and/or collections. Wildcard: Amazon could also get into the recycling business (maybe - I don't have the numbers). 

(c) Determine the cost on all of the foregoing then solicit financial backing and support from larger corporations that are open arms to doing the right thing if it's easy enough. If this doesn't work it can still work because Amazon customers are a demographic that buys and acts! Tell customers the story of Amazon commitment to recycling and suggest that the member add $XX to the annual membership which will include package drop-off year-round but also recycle bin pickup. Or another model that the brains at Amazon can figure out. 

2. Get the word out about the program and give the brands who stepped up to fund a great program all the credit the deserve! Publicize it everywhere. Prime memberships will climb as well as the reputation of some of the larger, supporting brands. 

3. See less horrifying images of plastic impacting our planet on social media so that guys like me don't have to stay up late creating posts after seeing a sad facebook post. 

Is anyone with me? Should Amazon make the biggest change to recycling yet? 



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