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Amazon: Reconsider phasing out the tagging system

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Amazon has had a tagging system for years, however they have decided to start phasing out this system. Many customers use and enjoy this system and would prefer that Amazon not remove the feature as it has many uses.

Below are just a few of the uses the tagging system has, there are plenty more out there.
1. It allows members to tag items with tags that are meaningful for them, allowing them easily sort or recall items. This is especially useful when one considers the millions of products available on Amazon.
2. It can help users find new products that appeal to them, by choosing tags that interest them and finding similar products without having to rely on Amazon's suggestions on what others buy.
3. It allows a user to avoid items that do not appeal to them by scanning the various tags for that item and if they see a tag they do not like, they can avoid that product, saving trouble for both the buyer and the author/artist/company. (The buyer avoids buying a product they will not like, the author/artist/company avoids receiving a negative review by an unsatisfied customer)
4. It benefits both big name authors and small and independent authors because a tagged product will make connections with books various readers have found similar (for example a tag of 'strong heroine' would bring up books various users have tagged as having a strong heroine), and then within that tag, they can find other tags to narrow the search to what appeals to them; thus providing a more targeted search.
5. Tags can act like mini-reviews for potential buyers in a hurry by providing an idea on what to expect, without having to read at times lengthy reviews.

Please consider signing this petition asking Amazon to reconsider phasing out the tagging system.

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