#ReadGreen Campaign - Amazon KDP to switch to sustainable book printing on recycled paper

#ReadGreen Campaign - Amazon KDP to switch to sustainable book printing on recycled paper

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RAY STAR started this petition to Amazon and

As an author of climate fiction, it is important to me that my work has a positive effect on the planet. My publisher has the same ethos, and has ensured that my novel (Earthlings, The Beginning) is to be printed, where possible, on recycled paper.

I was overjoyed - having had previous worries that this might have been an issue. After all, how could I write stories with the intention of making the world a better place, if trees would be cut down to create the end product? I couldn't. Yet at the same time, my novel has a strong message that needs to be read, to be shared far and wide, and understood. I want more than anything, to get the Earthlings tale out to the world. So, when it was confirmed that my book would be printed on recycled paper, a huge weight was lifted from my chest, the publication date was set, and Earthlings is now due for release on August the 12th 2021.

However, during the process, I felt I needed to query the 'where possible' clause, and was astounded to learn, that whilst recycled paper printing is widely available within the book printing industry, one of the largest distributors, Amazon KDP, do not have a recycled paper option for authors and publishers.

I was devastated.

Whilst my book would be available by mainstream book stores on recycled paper, it will also be available on Amazon on non-recycled paper. Knowing that trees will be sacrificed in order for the Earthlings tale to be heard, is a huge issue to me. As such, I have pledged to plant one tree per book sale via Ecologi, from now until the end of my writing days, in the hope of restoring as many trees as I am able to, in order to regrow our forests and help combat climate change.

However, that is not enough. I need to do more.

Learning that Amazon are printing millions of books per year on virgin paper, when eco-friendly options are available, is devastating. Amazon is one of the largest book printing services across the globe, printing millions of books on demand per year.  The enormously destructive affect this has on forests and woodlands could easily be avoided, by going green, and switching to recyclable printing.

For this reason, I am asking every person reading this petition to please, fill out your details and demand for change, and help me request for Amazon to #ReadGreen. We need large corporations such as Amazon to stop destroying this beautiful planet that we are blessed to call home, and help restore our rapidly declining woodlands and habitat. With recycled paper printing widely available to printers and publishers world-wide, the solution to deforestation caused by paper printing is both cost effective and economically essential. We cannot keep destroying our planet's natural resources at the rate that we are in modern day society, and thankfully, we don't need to. 

In order to tackle both the destruction and restoration of our natural world, we need companies such as Amazon to make a stand, lead by example and be pioneers of eco-friendly and restorative options. The knock on affect this would have across the publishing industry could be momentous. If Amazon can commit to switching to recycled paper printing, many other printers and publishers will follow suit.

Together, by signing this petition and demanding for change, we can make a difference. Together, let's make our voices heard for our planet, and tell Amazon we expect better of them and to switch to recycled paper printing.

Thank you for your time and signing your name, together, we can protect our woodlands, forests and green spaces, and help make this world a better place for every Earthling that inhabits it.

After signing, if you are able to, please help make triple the impact, by sharing to social media platforms with the hashtag #READGREEN. 

From a fellow Earthling

Blessed be

Ray x





0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!