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Provide Direct Publishing Support for Arabic

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There is vibrant and rich movement in Arabic literature: amazing fiction, science fiction, romance, and literature is coming out every day. Access is often limited by geography and shipping costs. At the same time, there are more and more people all around the world using, and READING, in Arabic. These include native and second-language speakers who enjoy this rich literary tradition, as well as scholars and researchers.

Being able to quickly and cheaply access those books would be both right, and profitable. Over 300 million people worldwide speak Arabic, and ebook technology and devices have been widely adopted in Arabic-speaking nations. There is a high demand for eBooks, and PDFs are circulated widely.

However, usually the circulated PDFs provide NO income for their authors.

Being able to Direct Publish on Kindle would serve a wide audience (encouraging profit for Amazon) while at the same time supporting the work that these authors do.

The work-arounds that authors use to publish electornically in Arabic generally result in incorrect justification (forcing readers to actually read in the wrong directions) as well as errors in the actual text that are the result of a lack of font support.

Amazon: please provide full KDP support for the Arabic language, so that Arabic-language authors can easily publish for the Kindle, and so that a wider audience can take advantage of those books.

We promise--it will infinitely expand the quality and quantity of material that you can offer, increasing your profit margin while providing a valuable service for an enormous (and underserved) market. 

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