Plastic free product delivery

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I've been a loyal customer of Amazon and almost every product in my home are delivered through amazon.

The biggest reason why I order things from amazon is simply because zero waste products are not available in the market and are available in amazon so I end up buying the product but the biggest irony is I order a zero waste product in a plastic packaging (the cardboard box excluded) and this makes me question myself "What's the use?"

I'm very dissappointed by the fact that even after emailing them they aren't taking any action. The plastic tape the bubble wrap and every thing included in the box isn't biodegradable except the product I buy.

The environment is being polluted day by day due to the packaging we end up throwing because they are literally of no use. I would request you all who are willing to make a change for the environment to sign this petition to help this reach to big online delivery platform like Amazon which is used worldwide.