Permit E-commerce in COVID-19 Lockdown or curfew

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As we all know these days a new widespread COVID-19 virus pandemic has been occurred as a serious disease of the history and still there is no any vaccination or medicine developed by any country or World health organisation to stop this pandemic, only some precaution can apply to stop spreading this vital pandemic.

As in this crucial time all world's governments and organization trying to fight with this pandemic along with their citizens, moreover it is also a primary duty of every citizen of the country to take these precaution seriously and follow them because nothing is more than important above our health.

Presently in most of the states of INDIA curfew or lock-down has been applicable and it could be more than a month, if we consider the example of other countries.

So my concern is how a normal citizen will full-fill their daily needs who was not ready or aware from the consequences of these actions and how would a citizen can stay at home without full filling daily needs/food/medicines for a long period which nobody knows, "As per my opinion in this scenario we should start and support the online services to fulfill the daily needs/demands of a human being/Citizen to help them stay home under some special terms and conditions."

So I would request Indian Govt. and all citizens of INDIA to support this petition to "start e-commerce to full fill daily needs of every citizen to help them stay at home to be safe under some terms and conditions which should be follow the companies who would provide these services ".