Mozart in the Jungle must come back!

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To Amazon Prime and others who can have an impact on the survival of this beautifully written show "Mozart in the Jungle"..

As an audience, I find it unbearable to see that producers and investors of TV programs cancel their shows to create room for "others" - the ones that will allegedly bring more "so-called" popularity.

Yes, every serie that productions do should create some profit. Mozart in the Jungle also must have done it since it lasted for a pretty good period of time. But canceling it all of a sudden is sort of a disrespect to its audience and to the story.

It's like taking the book out of its reader, starting to rip it off and telling them to read some popular thing because time's done for this book. What we know as classic/cult today was not seen successful or important at their time, this should be remembered.

There was a beautiful ongoing story which was educating people about classical music, ambitions, passions, humane feelings and other small yet impressive details of life. Mozart in the Jungle deserves a continuation, another season and another chance!