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Make a deal with Netflix and #SaveSense8

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Sense8, a Netflix original program, was canceled by the multi-billion dollar corporation on June 1st, the first day of LGBT Pride Month. Netflix has made it clear where they stand on the support of a globally inclusive show and their desire to renew Sense8 for a third season. Seeing as how Sense8 is a show exclusive to Netflix, they retain all rights and future hopes of the conclusion of the show ever being seen. The only option to save this show that has united hundreds of thousands of people across the globe and finish the story of eight incredibly diverse and complex characters is for another entity to approach Netflix about buying the intellectual property or licensing it.

Two main reasons were cited for its cancellation: lack of viewership and cost of production. Some of the statements provided left much to be desired by fans and critics alike, simply because of the sheer lack of evidence to back up both of these reasons. Immediately after the announcement of the shows cancellation, a petition was created, much like this one, pleading to Netflix to reconsider. Within less than a week, four hundred thousand people signed the petition. Now, eleven days removed, the petition sits less than two thousand signatures away from five hundred thousand signatures. With some simple math, a Netflix subscription, at its cheapest, will cost ten dollars a month. One subscription per person, for twenty four months (the amount of time it takes to produce a season), at ten dollars apiece, five hundred thousand times would end up being one hundred and twenty million dollars, more than enough to make a full thirteen episode season (nine million dollars per episode).

You can't put a price on diversity and the inclusivity that it comes with; eight main characters, five different races, seven different nationalities, two from separate parts of the LGBTQ+ community, and all, arguably, identifying as pansexual. Not to mention the secondary characters and all they represent. The impact of Sense8 and its characters and themes that are applicable to real life in multiple ways can be seen through the multiple campaigns brought on by its cancellation. Several hashtags trended for over nine hours on twitter after its cancellation. A schedule for different hashtags commemorating main characters was planned almost within the hour. Two weeks removed and our global cluster, the name we’ve adopted, is still promoting and campaigning for the show. Netflix can’t tweet without it being followed by a thread of lyrics from 4 Non Blondes’ What’s Up? being posted by various people all at the same time. Images and videos from different Pride parades around the world show people carrying signs with #BringBackSense8 and crowds all singing along to, you guessed it, 4 Non Blondes’ What’s Up?

If it’s about money, there will be no need for advertisements. The Global Cluster and our “Archipelago” have it covered. If it’s about viewership, any company will undoubtedly benefit from 500,000 new subscribers.  Television is about providing a mirror to viewer’s life. Television is about helping people see introspective things that are not always aware of. It helps viewers see they aren’t alone in their problems, and that being united with one another is a powerful tool. No other show represents more different types of people, and helps more people. Capheus said it best in season one, episode 10: “The bed keeps you in a slum. The flat screen takes you out.” A lot of people need this show on the screen to help take them out.

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