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Ban John Ford's book publications and sales.

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As a female, with prior law enforcement training and experience, I found John Ford's recent Facebook post about his views regarding sexual assault victims to be deeply disturbing, dehumanizing and abhorrent.

In his now deleted post, Mr. Ford expressed his thoughts on the female Hollywood actresses that have recently stepped out of the shadows to expose men that have used their status and authority to sexually assault and shame women. However, Mr. Ford's post was not an acknowledgement of support for these women, or women in general. Instead, Mr. Ford continued to further shame victims of sexual assault by referring to them as "sleazy whores" that "finally realize they can get more money by hitting on some poor sap and then whamming him for a sexual assault that they may have enticed or instituted." Mr. Ford went on to say, " you don't dangle a juicy worm in front of a hungry brook trout, and expect him not to bite!" And, "people like Ashley Judd, Madonna, Miley Cyrus and the likes, are guilty of promoting this."

While, Mr. Ford, later posted an attempt to apologize to his followers and friends, he continued too shame sexual assault victims with his rants. His attempt of an apology continued with, " I went off on a tangent thinking ONLY of those Hollywood elitist actors and actresses who for years put up with this abuse, while at the same time many of them seemingly flaunted their open sexuality and open promiscuity through their movies and their own lifestyles. Seductive by their own activities and talk, not to mention their attire."

What people should find even more disturbing about Mr. Ford's comments, is that he served in law enforcement, for many years, in the State of Maine. A career that he now continues to profit from through the sales of his books.

Please sign the petition to demand that Amazon, Islandport Press, North Country Press, and other distributors/publishers, remove Mr. Ford's books from being sold through their outlets. Otherwise, they will be sending a dangerous message that they support his vile viewpoint surrounding the culture of sexual assaults in our society.

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