Amazon india cheating customers

Amazon india cheating customers

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Started by Prafful V H

I was in urgent need of 27 inch monitor for programming and i ordered from Amazon india. Monitor cost was worth 33k INR. When the product came out for delivery, i was in zoom call so my wife provided the OTP and got the product. When I came out excited to check out monitor after sometime, to my horrors the product delivered in a package which was not even capable of handling 20 inch product.

when i checked it out I saw that it had a celing fan in it. And amazon label clearly say that it was a pc. I reached out to amazon support and when I explained my issue, i was asked to wait for 3 days for investigation.

post 3 days i got input from amazon support that investigation team did not find any issue with order delivered and they cannot help me with replacement or refund. 
i kept explaining that order was intact and packaging was not opened at all, but they denied saying investigation is done.

when amazon investigation team does their job, they only check if there has been any mistakes from their end by referring to qr codes it seems, and if u paste QR code on wrong product how would you know?

they did not visit my place to check authenticity of my claim and they did not try virtually to understand anything, they just are saying that its not their mistake.

i still have the packaging with me and label saying its a pc, when it clearly said orient celing fan on box.

i have been cheated by amazon india, i paid 33k in EMI for that monitor and i got a celing fan which is not even worth 2k INR. 
there is no controlling authorities to check issues like this apart from consumer court and many times amazon gets out with it as items are either not costly or people might end up thinking they cannot fight tech giants like amazon.

monopoly in the market also would be created if these cheatings go unchecked. Amazon has cheated me and i am asking for support from all those who shop everyday from Amazon without hesitation and also would ask you to be aware that today its me, tomorrow it is going to be you.

we need government intervention to handle such cases.

204 have signed. Let’s get to 500!