Give Alexa her period

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Ask Alexa what a Period is right now and she doesn’t know.  (We’ll just wait here whilst you give it a go…)

If you’re still with us, I’m sure you’ll agree that having one of the most famous ‘women' in the world, Alexa, not knowing what a period is, shows us just how much further we have to go in creating better education and tackling the stigma surrounding periods.

In celebration of Menstrual Hygiene Day, we are calling on all women and men to sign our petition to Give Alexa Her Period! 

We are petitioning you Jeff Bezos! Give Alexa her first period and educate her so that in turn, she can educate the millions of women across the world who turn to her for an accessible way to learn; free from fear, shame and embarrassment, and we can continue to make progress in educating the voices of the next generation.