Get Amazon Flex to Allow Drivers to Preview Routes Before We Accept Blocks

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There have been too many times where a block will show up on our "Offers" page that if we had known how far of a drive the delivery would be, we wouldn't have accepted it in the first place due to the block not paying in proportion to the distance or roads traveled on. And it's not like when we get to the warehouse and see how far the route is that we can decline the block because then we would risk getting our accounts deactivated.

So, the goal of this petition is to finally bring Amazon's attention to this matter to allow their hard-working Flex drivers the ability to preview routes before they accept blocks. This will make it so that Amazon can deliver transparency to it's contracted Flex drivers and that we as Flex drivers can fully weigh out the costs of each delivery route to determine if it will be profitable for us to accept.

My name is Justin and I am starting this petition due to the fact that too many of us hard-working Flex drivers get the short end of the stick when we get to the warehouse and find out that the route we are assigned for our block is way outside the realm of us making decent money. I had a block that paid me only $57 to make deliveries that put about 120 miles on my car in one day. That came out to me only making about $5 an hour when it was all said and done. So, my goal again is to get Amazon to deliver transparency to its drivers so that we can fully review the routes to determine if it will make us money or not.