Force amazon to change its exploitative returns policy

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Do you know that Amazon can deliver a wrong product to you, and the onus if proof of wrong delivery  is on you? If you have prepaid for and returnable product and you find out it is not the item you ordered after you open the package, and ofcourse the delivery guy has already left, there is NOTHING  you can DO!! 

Further, they say they conduct and investigation, and simply close the case without even intimating results to you, they say they do not share investigation results, no refund  no corrections or compensation and no refund.

I recently got this experience.. Within 5 minutes of delivery I found it was the wrong item, called they customer support , who asked me to send images of the product and I did, along with invoice, and then no news. I got a mail asking for photo ID, and when I sent that, despite already having dune a KYc, the mail bounced. All I got was a phone call asking what was the product I received and then silence.After few days of follow up for to a dead end as they say from their end the product us delivered, and the case I have closed. They said they dint share details of investigation so they're was no further communication.

Force them to spell out process and transparency of investigations. I am proceeding legally anyhow but let's force them to change their policy as nothing in their faq, or customer support issue addresses this. Thank you