Conversation Street Needs To Become A Web Series

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Within only three seasons, The Grand Tour's Conversation Street has become loved by so many fans of the famous trio, Clarkson, Hammond and May. With Season 4 of the show solely consisting of road trip specials, Conversation Street no longer has a home.

This is why we urge you to sign this petition to get Conversation Street back in the form of a podcast, YouTube series, web series... anything!

Where would we be without Clarkson calling new cars rubbish? Or Hammond swooning over press releases of new Porsche 911s? Are we ever going to hear the glee in James May's voice as he shouts "good news!"? Not if we don't take a stand now.

Many consider the news segments of both TopGear and The Grand Tour to be the best of the shows, so let's make sure Amazon and The Grand Tour knows exactly how much we're going to miss them by signing this petition. 
If they bring it back, then hoorah! But if they don't, then we'll we've tried!

- Grand Tour Nation