Use Environment friendly and minimalpackaging material for online shopping

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Amazon delivered a 50x40x30 (cm) box today..I was scratching my brain.. clueless of any such BIG stuff I ordered...�
And what was even bizarre..Was the label stuck on the box.."DO NOT SHIP BY AIR"..

When I opened , it was full of chains of sealed plastic packaging air bags...Now I became even more curious..What the hell has come so protected... �

And as I started pulling out the air bags..I found there are 3 compartment in the box..Now things are getting weirder...I seriously started doubting whether..Like some people do sleepwalking..I am sleepshopping...�

Once I ended up with a pile of plastic bags, what do you think I saw ..Lying lonely and sad at the bottom..A room freshner and shampoo I had ordered at some point..�

Thanks to Amazon..I have humongous cardboard box , which probably can comfortably accommodate my petite daughter, a pile of plastic bags which is going to take thousands of years to decompose and a heavy load of guilt of adding to the already impossible waste management issues ..�

I guess, an MNC like Amazon can definitely incorporate better packaging/quality control and monitoring and be more socially and environmentally conscious...