Take The Anarchist Cookbook Off Shelves (and out of print)

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During the protests of the Vietnam War, a very angry 19 year old wrote a dangerous book called The Anarchist Cookbook. It was filled with complied diagrams for weapons and commentary driven by anger. This literature has since found its way into the hands of many other hurting, lonely people, including those behind The Oklahoma City Bombing; the shootings in Aurora, CO; the attempted murder of Gabby Giffords; Virginia Tech; Sandy Hook; and many others, including the young hands of the students at Columbine.

As attacks become more and more prevalent around the world, there is an obvious trend of those who act on their pain in violent ways against others, and this piece of literature becoming a catalyst for their violence. The author even asked for it to stop being printed, however he no longer had rights, and has now passed away. 

Despite all of this, major book sellers have done nothing to make the book less accessible, and quite personally I think they should be ashamed. We are currently in a time when issues on gun ownership and violence are being pushed back into the political sphere, but signing this petition is a small plan of action we can take ourselves, telling companies that we want to support a change of heart in people by making literature that supports dangerous mindsets - and clearly leads to devastating situations - less accessible.

I ask you to please not only sign this petition, but to take action by going out of your way to show love to someone who may be distancing themselves, or anyone else who may need it (which is everyone).