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Stop Book Banning on Amazon!! Protect Free Speech & Your 1st Amendment Rights!!

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We see a disturbing development with Amazon in regards to censorship. Despite anyone's political affiliations, we can all agree that true free speech is the essence of true freedom. To start to censor, like Amazon is doing, sets a very dangerous precedent. Who will decide what future books to ban? And, where will it end? The 1st Amendment was created to protect all speech. And, that includes speech particular groups may not like.

Amazon recently banned several books on the Holocaust. This is the ONLY historical event that cannot be questioned in a public forum. In Europe, you can face prison if you "deny" it happened the way it did. Is that fair? Is that right? Free speech that advocates for violence has no place in society, however, free speech advocates for questioning historical events does.

This ban needs to be reversed. You may not be sympathetic to "Holocaust deniers," but you must agree that true free speech takes precedence.

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