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Stay Out of Our 2nd Amendment Rights

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Millions of military and civilian Americans have sacrificed their lives for freedom and for the rights set forth in the Constitution. Freedom is the exception and not the rule throughout the world. The 2nd Amendment affords us the right to bear arms in order to protect ourselves against criminals, to use as tools on our farms and ranches, to protect ourselves against a tyrannical government, and as it turns out, to protect ourselves from large corporations that feel a sense of entitlement to tell us how to live our lives. has teamed up with the city of Seattle and several other businesses to offer a gun buyback on January 26, 2013. Amazon is donating $30,000.00 in gift cards to coerce people into turning in their fire arms. Individuals will receive a $100.00 gift card to forfeit their Constitutional right to protect themselves in their homes when they turn in a hand gun and $200.00 to forfeit their Constitutional right to protect themselves in their homes to turn in rifles and shot guns. What will this accomplish? Every American will have the right to take insult to the idea that we would forfeit our right to protect our freedom and our persons over $100.00. It will mock every veteran, active military personnel, and those who have died for the 2nd Amendment. Private citizens will be less able to protect themselves in their homes. Criminals can turn in firearms used in crimes and receive a gift card. The evidence will be melted down via the Seattle police. It will make the government and big corporations more powerful and the private citizen more at their mercy.

You can choose to send a message to right now by doing one or more of the following:

- choose to sign this petition.
- choose to close your Amazon account until Amazon concedes to back away from our 2nd Amendment rights and stick to selling wares on the internet.
- choose to join the National Rifle Association at
- choose to purchase the firearm of your choice and get trained in its safety and use.

I use the word choose repeatedly and intentionally because you still have the Constitutional right to choose. Responsible gun owners keep that choice in tact and level the playing field.

I wish the world were ideal and that all of humanity were sane and peaceful and loving toward one another, but it's not, and it never will be. I encourage all of you to go back and review your history books. If they disarm the public, they can do anything they want. Don't forget the multitude of countries that have been forced into dictatorship because the people were unarmed and the countries that are still that way today.

Thank you for protecting your freedom.

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