should ask for invoices/receipts for branded items for all new Sellers.

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New Sellers (mainly those with Chinese addresses)  are listing branded items on Amazon that are clearly fake and counterfeit. It takes weeks or sometimes months for Amazon to remove these sellers, usually only after receiving tons of bad feedback. This causes bad product reviews on the products and hurts legitimate sellers, buyers, and Amazon.

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A sample of clearly fake goods Fake Goods.

Here is another Fake Goods

More Fake Goods

So obvious Fake Goods

Good large and honest US sellers are constantly on edge for the slightest mistake or complaint from a buyer. Amazon does not tolerate too many errors of good honest US sellers but seems to have no system in place to prevent new Sellers, mainly from Chinese addresses from exploiting Amazon. There is no known process that works to get these sellers removed.

This petition asks Amazon to:

1) please request invoices or receipts for all new sellers selling branded goods. This helps US 3P sellers, buyers and of course Amazon.

2) We also want a process to report totally obviously fake and fraud sellers. These should be acted upon in seconds, not months at best.

Please focus and solve this issue once and for all.

Ed Rosenberg / ASGTG