Reverse Amazon's decision to censor alternative views on Homosexuality.

As a saved believer in Jesus Christ, I know the pain of people who read these type books. Once hurting people write most of these books, those now hurting people buy them. In America, we don't ban books. Especially those that help hurting people in ANY way. Books that may lead a hurting soul both to peace, and some even to Christ as their Savior. BUT that is their business. It is your business to run your business in such a way that's helpful and pleasing to all customers, and that is by once again offering the books you've removed from people in pain who are simply seeking relief. I pray that you return these books to stock. No one should live a painful life, and if these books help anyone, (even ONE person!) or even point some to peace and even some to salvation in Jesus Christ, then so be it. In America, we just don't ban books, especially those that HELP hurting both fellow Americans and others living in pain. Thank you.

Mary McLocke, United States
1 month ago
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