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Remove the ban of "Terrorscape" by Nenia Campbell from Amazon

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We the customers need to inform Amazon that we are outraged by the hypocrisy and downright bullying they have committed.

Amazon has placed a ban on a book that contains nothing that could be considered outside of the company’s projected moral standards. It is no more offensive or disturbing than a large number of other books you can purchase from their site. There is no reasonable explanation as to what made this book stand out to be very unjustly scrutinized. If the ban of this book is as trivial as “some readers found it offensive” than the Amazon Corporation needs to grow a backbone. We are adults and are perfectly capable of deciding if a piece of literature is not to our taste. If we are offended by something we are reading, watching, or hearing, we can cease doing so and move on with our lives. It is not the duty of our retailer to decide. It is upsetting that Amazon could be such a tyrant over a smaller author while it allows the bigger (better selling) authors to write the same variety of material without the same repercussions.

If people being “offended by content” was enough to get a book banned then we must make our voices heard that we are also offended by their lack of regard. Amazon is not providing their customers with an item that cannot be logically considered any more offensive or morally corrupt than items Amazon has currently chosen to sell.

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