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Remove laser ship as shipper for amazon packages

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What we want is to have Lasership removed as a possible shipping carrier for our packages. In the mean time we will allow for the option to be made available for us, the customers of, to see who the carrier of our package is and allow us to make an educated selection and choose a different delivery date and shipping service.

Laser ship is a notoriously terrible shipping company who does not deliver your package(s). The customers at Amazon and members of Amazon Prime have to constantly spends hours of their day tracking down packages that:

  1. may have been stolen by lasership employees
  2. not delivered
  3. falsely stated the package was delivered
  4. the Lasership driver reportedly cannot deliver the package

Please sign this petition to make Amazon and Jeff Bezos remove Lasership as a carrier of amazon packages. 

Please see these sites and boards that describe the atrocious lack of service by Lasership:

The current heads of Lasership who are responsible for not acting on this egregiouss service and banking on a terrible contract agreement where amazon allows Lasership to get paid as long as the package status for the customer shows delivered and not actually if the package is delivered.

There are countless threads online about Laserships atrocious lack of customer service. I have personally had 5 package issues with Lasership. I had Lasership tell me I stole my own package, I had Lasership falsely tell me my package was delivered only to find out the truck stopped in front of my house and left without dropping off the package.

Lasership employees prey on the fact that Amazon will refund the customer or reship a package and steal the items if no issue is raised.

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