Remove Disability Hatred t-shirts from Amazon

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Please join the fight to have Amazon Remove a “Make Down Syndrome Extinct” t-shirt from their website. This has already been removed from Amazon UK,  but is still available for sale through the US outlet with delivery to New Zealand Available.

Imagine having a love one, a child with Down Syndrome and seeing a t-shirt that suggests that people do not have a right to life, that they should be made extinct. When is it ever ok to promote cleansing of a group of human beings, when is it ever ok to discriminate, when is it ever ok to persecute human beings??? NEVER, it is Never ok, and this company are as guilty as the individual who designed the item, by listing it on their website. 

So please sign, and share far and wide. We need to be heard, we need to be the voice of people who may not have a voice of their own