Pull and ban "The Sheltered Life of Betsy Parker"

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E. David Hopkins has written a seriously inappropriate novel called “The Sheltered Life of Betsy Parker.” It’s about a girl, that’s right a YOUNG GIRL, by the name of Betsy Parker who has to live her whole life constantly naked because she has an allergic skin condition. I could possibly tolerate this book being available if Betsy were a legal-adult woman throughout the story and the novel was available as an adults-only book. However, this book has Betsy living her life in the nude as a CHILD throughout the first half of the story, and it’s available on amazon.com and CreateSpace.com for ALL AGES TO READ!

While Hopkins paints Betsy as a friendly character, who strives for success in her life and compassion from society, and IS a legal-age woman throughout the second half of the story, the fact that he uses a naked condition as a disability is extremely bad taste. There are millions upon millions of people in this world who have real disabilities, and a great deal of them would be insulted and outraged at being compared to a person who has to live naked all the time.

What I find especially abominable about this book is that there’s a so-called “minister” who visits Betsy in her childhood to validate her and encourage her, and near the end performs Betsy’s wedding. That’s right, this NAKED FREAK actually gets MARRIED in a “RELIGIOUS” ceremony in this book!

Normally, I am for freedom of expression, but considering that this book would be child pornography as a movie, I see no reason why it should be legal in print either. Let’s stand together and get the word through to amazon and CreateSpace that this kind of literature has no place in a civilized society, and should be pulled and banned. Who is with me?

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