Politeness is Important - Even to Your AI

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I recently read an article on Sky News written by Greg Milam entitled, Alexa and Siri Have Slaughtered Civility. I'll be honest, I almost passed it over as I am sure you may have considered when reading this but please hear me out.

Firstly, I'm a huge fan of Tech and Alexa has wormed her way into my household and every day I get use from the technology. However, the article I read struck a chord with me. I am forever trying to reinforce manners in my teenage children. Our eldest, 8 months ago gave birth to our first grandchild who is the apple of our eye. He has been born into a golden age of technology which will no doubt have a big influence in his life. What will he learn if he can bark orders at technology with no consideration of manners? Its natural for this behaviour to cross over when he speaks to his peers or his elders in life.

'A study by Childwise earlier this year found that the surge of children using gadgets that respond to verbal commands was likely to result in a change in how they interact with humans'.

All I am asking of this petition is that the key players in AI; Amazon, Google, Apple, seriously consider the impact of not requiring a basic please or thank you when interacting with Tech. Yes, they are robots but children and young adults are impressionable beings and this lack of civility will have a knock on impact to human interaction.

 To sign off with a quote from Greg's article,

'In an interview with the Financial Times recently, the actor Alfred Molina was asked to name what he saw as the greatest challenge of our time. 

"Being decent with each other," he said. "Treating others the way we would like to be treated ourselves."

Pretty simple, really - and a power we all hold in our own hands'. 

It would be remiss of me to not thank you for taking the time to read this so, thank you. 

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