Please start accepting the Ethereum cryptocurrency (Ether) for payments!

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1,000+ signatures in less than 24 hours, and CLIMBING!

Wow: I had never imagined this petition would get to 1,000+ signatures in less than a day, and it's still climbing strong (1,225 as of writing this). Thank you for showing your support and making sure the world hears the voice of the consumers! It turns out the idea of being able to use cryptocurrency (especially ethereum) in mainstream applications is a big one, with some big support. Consumers want to keep control of their money, privacy, and security without having to trust a bank or government. We're probably not at the point that Jeff Bezos and are going to take note, but we're well on the way. With over 1,200 signers, 6,000+ petition viewers, and 10's of thousands of viewers of social shares of this petition, we're reaching people who have never heard of ethereum, and showing them there's a better way. Now it's time to keep pushing: share this with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or even a direct message. Post it on message boards. Let everyone know there's a better way to manage your money, and it's time that mainstream establishments start accepting ether (ethereum's currency element). In the quest to see ethereum reach mainstream usage, I'm going to start paid promotion of this petition and other elements. Want to help out? Drop me a message and/or contribute financially by donating ether to the following address: 0x127ff65A5ba8C6398d19B252aC4B7453de0501Ac Here's to ethereum everywhere!

Alex Linebrink
4 years ago