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Classify the book "What Happened" as fiction.

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Hillary Clinton's new book entitled "What Happened" contains arguments meant to justify Hillary's loss to Trump in 2016 that are presented as historical facts. These allegations are not substantiated in the book nor corroborated by independent verifiable sources and therefore cannot be classified as non-fiction and should rather be considered creative writing in the genre of fiction. Furthermore, the book excludes a facts-based analysis of many factors that are generally agreed caused Hillary Clinton to lose to Trump, or minimizes their negative impact on her campaign.  For the sake of examples: Mrs Clinton scoffed at millions of people with labels such as basement dwellers, deplorables, and "bros," that are terms insulting and degrading; Clinton failed to heed the call of Bernie Sanders supported to adopt a truly progressive platform; Clinton was perceived as being a candidate of Wall Street and in favor of trade agreements that have costs millions of Americans their jobs -- fears which she confirmed by her choice of VP running mate, Tim Kaine, who favored the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).  Many other factors why Clinton lost are not included or given sufficient historical significance in the book. The title "What Happened" is misleading making prospective readers believe that it is a historical account, backed up by verifiable facts, but it is not.  For all these reasons, "What Happened" belongs in the fiction / creative writing category. 

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