Bring the movie "Give Me Sex Jesus” to an online platform


Give Me Sex Jesus was released on Vimeo in September 2015 and was viewed by almost 300,000 people in over 50 different countries. Recently, the filmmakers had to take the film down to attend to some business matters related to the film. 

Since then, hundreds of you have requested that the film be made available again.

Recently, Slate featured "Give Me Sex Jesus" again. This is in addition to The Atlantic, The Guardian, Savage Love Cast, The Dana Gould Hour, Sex Out Loud Radio, and many more. 

We (the filmmakers) can only make it widely available again by selling the documentary. Up until now, we have been absorbing all costs related to the film: clearances, animation, legal, subtitles, etc., but that is no longer feasible. 

Help us find a partner who can help make "Give Me Sex Jesus" available again. By signing and sharing this petition, you show a potential buyer that there are still many viewers for this film. Please, spread the word! 

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