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As of September 30th, Amazon is refusing to provide the 1 year prime membership to people who have purchased the Amazon fire phone.  

The fire phone is a product which Amazon manufactures and has been distributed by Amazon as well as AT&T as their exclusive carrier.  This item comes in two editions - one is unlocked (Unlocked fire phone on Amazon), and the other is the AT&T version (AT&T Amazon Fire Phone).  Both advertisements for this product clearly indicate that the item includes Amazon prime membership for 1 year, and nowhere is a term or expiration of this written. The ads indicate that it is a limited offer - however the fine print does not indicate that as of September 30th, such a limitation would be effective.

At first glance, it is seemingly clear that Amazon is depriving its subscribers and purchasers of the fire phone of the prime membership.  

We reached out to Amazon to resolve this as Amazon claims to be the most "customercentric" company on the planet.  Their first allegation was that the item must be purchased either from Amazon or from AT&T.  After reading the fine print which was honored by AT&T and Amazon, there is no such restriction in print. Thereafter, the alleged that the promotion was for a limited time and has expired.  This as well seems nonfactual as there is no expiration date indicated on the devices, on the Amazon or AT&T website, or anywhere else for that matter - other than an internal note.  

Amazon sells the prime membership for $99/Year.  They have honored the prime membership on these fire phones sold through other channels such as eBay for tens of thousands of units.  Amazon has created through itself or its authorized affiliates a reasonable expectations to sellers and buyers alike that the item which is advertised with prime includes prime, and they have historically honored their word and their promotion.  Now, Amazon wants to take prime away, without cause or notice, harming sellers and buyers of this item alike.  

This is malicious behavior by Amazon, tantamount to unfair competition such that violates the principles of a free marketplace, or capitalism alike.  Such un-American behavior should not be tolerated by a corporate conglomerate and Amazon should be held to honor its promotions the representations it has made with regards to this equipment.  

Amazon Shareholders, Amazon Employees, Amazon customers, and the public in general should be aware of Amazons acts, and we urge you to sign this petition to ask Amazon's to keep its word.






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