A Call to Booksellers to Resist The Hope Not Hate Campaign to Ban Books They Don't Like

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Hope Not Hate have petitioned several British booksellers to remove certain books that they do not like from the websites and shelves of the bookseller's sites. This is censorship decided by a minority political group and amounts to suppression of free thought and speech. 

Whatever the books are actually about, the right to purchase and read them is not to be decided by a group who have no political power or role. Hope not Hate are deciding what others can read and see. They are, effectively, removing another person's freedom of thought and speech. 

We are calling on the booksellers to replace the books on their listings. Censorship is not acceptable in this century especially when the parameters of that censorship have not been discussed and decided upon by a fair and just representation.

Hope not Hate should work to build communities through discussion and debate, rather than imposition of their ideas on those people who think differently than them.

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