Stop providing an online home to neo-Nazis by publishing racist comments

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I recently found that Amazon not only stocks a whole range of racist books but also publishes the racist comments that people make about them even though they breach its own standards for comments.

This includes comments made by neo-Nazis about reprints of actual Nazi propaganda. 

They can sell whatever books they like, but it is Amazon itself that is publishing the comments. In doing so it is providing an online home to racists and neo-Nazis.

An example:

Amazon sells a Nazi propaganda book called 'The Jewish Domination of Weimar Germany', which explains why the Nazis were forced to persecute Jewish people.

The comments - supposedly moderated by Amazon - include the following:

"History is repeating itself..The JEW bankers are destroying the west. Just as they did to the Weimar republic....It needed Hitler to put the economy back on a to level footing..Learn from history."

"They don't give up. They won't give up peaceful yet again. I am reading a very intresting new insight about those "Poor Jews" of Germany and every place else there is held contempt for Jews."

"I had always wondered what brougjt Germany to such abusive violence. Now I am getting some idea and a whole lot less sympathy for the Jews."

"They have perfected the "oh poor me" victim roll while doing the same thing they tried or did in both Russia and Germany."