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Amazon: Bring Back Good Girls Revolt or We Boycott

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Last year's Good Girls Revolt was a wonderful, smart, and culturally vital show from Amazon Video (based on a historic lawsuit against Newsweek) about the equality that women fought for during the civil rights movement at work and in their personal lives. The show's complex characters and poignant stories remind women of all ages--and teach our young ladies--of a history that might seem like a distant past, but right now in our particular cultural moment, is sadly similar to present day.

That's particularly true--and tragicomically ironic--because this happened: Just weeks into the first season (when it was enjoying a growing and dedicated audience as well as great reviews), the show was unceremoniously cancelled. That decision was made by producer Roy Price. A guy who not only didn't bother to watch it long enough to even know the characters' names (there are doubts that he ever actually watched it at all), but who has since then been let go from Amazon Video thanks to sexual harassment allegations against him.

Talk about life imitating art that imitated life! Those of us who loved and were hugely inspired by the show--a show about women learning to speak up and say 'enough' to sexual harassment and refuse to be silenced--are now being denied an empowering story and effectively silenced thanks to the decision of a dude who, it turns out, is an alleged sexual harasser himself. Seriously?? And since Price was recently pushed out by the company, social media has been alight with tweets and posts demanding the show be brought back. But has Amazon issued any kind of public statement about all of this? Nope. Crickets.

Amazon Studios: We want the show back, and STAT., how much $ do women customers spend annually with you? We currently buy so much what we and our families need with you, and yet you can't even be bothered to address the wishes of your female viewers/customers? Sure, it'll hurt to give up the convenience of fast delivery and toss our Echo(s) out the door, but we're willing to do both, to cancel our Prime accounts, and to look elsewhere for our purchases if you continue to ignore our demands to bring back a story that was important and deeply personal to so many of us.

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