Ban Alex Day From Proffiting Off Of Suffering He Caused

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Alex Day has been hiding what he did behind a mask of spirituality on Youtube and is now releasing a book in which he will profit selling the stories of the abuse he did.

He is actively being egotistical about it and is only in it for the money, do not buy his book, he doesn’t deserve a single pence selling the stories of what he did and playing victim.

Background: “YouTube star and musician Alex Day has ended his relationship with his record label after admitting to "manipulative relationships with women".
His actions come after several vloggers were accused of conducting inappropriate relationships with fans.
Day has denied any sexual contact with underage girls and said all his partners said they consented to sex.
Sexual relationships need to be equitable and they can't be when people are in dramatically different life stages or when one person enters the relationship as a fan of another
Hank Green
"I created situations that put people under enormous pressure," the 24-year-old said in a statement on Tumblr.
"In my sexual experiences with people, nobody ever outright told me, 'No, stop' or pushed me away, or I'd immediately have stopped doing whatever we were doing.”