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Amazon: Hire Kaspar M. Nystroem to work on the „Lord of the Rings“ series.

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We are all excited about the upcoming series.

We, the community of „Lord of the Rings Shireposting“, a Facebook group dedicated to the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, were excited from the second Amazon gave green light to a new series set place in Middle-Earth.

We have often discussed how various chapters in the history of Middle Earth and Arda in general could be brought to live on screen.

Headfirst, with untiring inspiration, our most active Admin Kaspar M. Nystroem (Full name not publically disclosed). 

With his extensive Knowledge in the history and lore of Middle Earth and an almost fanatic interest in the tinged and scripts that are found in Tolkien‘s works, he has astonished and inspired us more than just once.

We would really love to see Middle Earth come to live again but at the same time we are keen on every single detail and there‘s no one we would trust more with translating the deep and vast roots of Tolkien‘s lore into his vision.

If you want to make this series a life-like Middle Earth experience, get him on board!

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