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Amazon Flex has been an amazing work experience for the nine months I have been on the platform, and while I faced many, MANY problems over that time, it is still without a doubt the best work experience in the entire gig economy, it's so good that most of us keep it a secret from others, something you cant say about the majority of gig economy jobs, Amazon has truly delivered the ultimate platform!

I think it's about time something has been said about transparency. This is Amazon we're talking about, BILLION dollar corporate success, I'm SURE there is some money that can be spent to implement more transparent support for us workers. Someone far behind the curtains is changing things about the system almost EVERY MONTH without telling us, usually changes that hurt the drivers, and only changing it back when it backfires on the company. This has happened so many times now that it's almost become politically humorous.

But the unfunny truth is that the people at the warehouse and the Logistics phone support representatives have a very very thick and lengthy history of not being aware of changes or not being able to do anything about the problems we have. It's become very apparent how little they are able to help us, and that they are pretty much forced to instruct everyone to send an email to an email address that typically responds with automated messages where, if you are unlucky, your inquiry is rejected and that's the end of it. This seems extremely backwards for such a wealthy and successful corporation.

Right now we are experiencing a twisted and unfair cut in our regular hours, where we are only paid for 1.5 hours while doing 2 hour long work. It is as bad as it sounds. It would be far less preposterous if the warehouses knew of our shortened shifts and had packages set up that correlate with our amount of work time. It is not like that at all, not in the least bit. Everyone is given packages meant to be delivered within a period of 2 hours, regardless of if their shift starts half an hour late or ends half an hour early. This means some of us are getting shorted on pay. We've learned recently that the people behind the emails can, and do, adjust our pays for these missing half-hours that we are stuck working, of course only if we take time out to write out essays worth of our situation. But only half of them respond helpfully, while the other half respond by either not properly understanding our situation, or by denying the ability to help us and sometimes even justifying these absurd practices! After doing so, they disappear. Knowing this can happen creates EXTREME mental stress throughout the entire shift period, not just for me, and not just us drivers, this is hurting everyone at the physical worker level!

Is the solution to spam the email system until someone comes through with the pay we deserve? Currently, yes, but it is not the solution to the overall problem! GIVE LOGISTICS THE ABILITY TO HELP US! These situations are SO much better handled over the phone! It's clear to us all now that Logistics can only help us with live orders, GIVE THEM MORE! We could also ask that these 1.5 hour shifts just stop altogether, and set the default back to 2 hours, but this is a short-term solution to a much bigger overall problem: COMMUNICATION! Logistics Representatives are unaware of these shift adjustments, warehouse workers do not know who's shifts are however long, but can they fix it? Nope. Only emails can fix it. And if the emails don't fix it, then that's the end of it. The email system has become a Roman-Gladiatorial authority towards our laboring trials and tribulations as independent contractors. Amazon is a far more civilized and evolved platform of business, let us not emulate companies who have made it clear how little they care about their workers, Amazon is not that company, Amazon has proven to be a very capable company, and we want to see to it that they set an example for all other companies in ALL capacities, ESPECIALLY ethics and support, and we all know that it can, so please spend some time and resources into doing so and making this work best for the sake of all of us that keep the company alive and thriving; the workers.


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