Amazon and NRA-TV

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Political opportunists are pressuring Amazon to drop NRA TV from their Streaming Service and Website. Take this opportunity to sign a petition to ensure Amazon knows where you stand on the matter of standing firm in your commitment to protecting the Second Amendment. The NRA is unjustly being blamed for horrific atrocities which have been committed, not by the law-abiding gun owners of the NRA; but by evil human beings who have no regard for gun laws.

People bent on death and destruction don’t concern themselves with laws and their methods to kill have employed fertilizers, biologics, knives, pressure cookers, vehicles, explosives, passenger airliners and yes, in some cases guns. Legal gun owners by definition are law-abiding. The knee-jerk reaction of a few companies to cut ties with the NRA is extremely misguided and short-sighted. The NRA neither caused nor enabled the horrific event at  Marjory Stoneman Douglas, or any of the other mass shooting for that matter. On the contrary, the NRA has been working vigorously for the past 20 years to advance legislation that would put the names of individuals who have been adjudicated as mentally incompetent into a national database to keep guns out of their hands.  This is a fact the mainstream media refuses to tell the American people. There are too many people who should be prevented from purchasing guns whose names do not appear in the background check system. That reality is not a fault of the NRA, it is a fault of failed federal and state bureaucracies that are unwilling implement the fixes identified by the NRA.  It is the politicians who should be pressured to ensure the names of violent felons, gang members and those adjudicated as mentally incompetent are being entered into the system. Law abiding gun owners should not

 be punished for the failures of politicians and bureaucrats. We have an instant background check in place thanks to the NRA; NRA members demanded it. NRA advocacy was crucial in making it law. Adding common sense legislation requiring agencies to keep the database up-to-date will do more for the safety of the American people than nonsensical efforts such as pressuring Amazon to stop streaming NRA TV. The NRA isn’t the problem and Amazon shouldn’t be pressured into removing programming enjoyed by millions of law-abiding citizens.

We are here to ask Amazon to resist the temptation and to not bow to the pressure of those calling for censorship.  Ask Amazon to refrain from making a hasty decision which would alienate millions of Amazon members who are also NRA members.  Amazon should continue doing what they do best, provide their members the products they desire.  Meanwhile NRA members will do what they do best, encouraging only responsible gun ownership while defending the Second Amendment.

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