Rebrand Alexa to a non-human name to end the harm it is causing

Rebrand Alexa to a non-human name to end the harm it is causing

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Lauren J started this petition to Amazon

Alexa is a human. She is a daughter, woman, mother, niece, sister, friend

By signing, I agree that Amazon should change their wake word Alexa to a non human name. Amazon should rebrand all products associated with the name Alexa to an option that doesn’t include a human name.   If possible, I will change the wake word on my own smart speaker or device by asking it do so, or following the steps provided below.  

The Impact : Alexas are losing the use of their own names.  Any product that is unethical should be rectified.

The Facts :

Women and children are losing their identities

Children as young as 3 are bullied, teased, and harassed by adults, even strangers

Teens and young women are being sexually harassed 

Women are being harassed in the workplace 

Women and parents of children named Alexa are choosing legal name changes 

The way and tone in which people interact with a smart speaker has become the dehumanizing way that they speak to people with that name.  

The consequences of Amazon’s choice to use the real name “Alexa” for the wake word and persona of their virtual assistant have been harmful to people with that name, and similar names. They are losing the ability to use their own name because of extremely popular tech devices that are programmed to activate when anyone says “Alexa”. If a company turns your name into the sound that triggers very common devices, it means that anyone addressing you, or even mentioning you, is likely to set one off, causing interruptions and chaos. With more than 250,000,000 devices out there triggered by Alexa, and similar sounding names, like Alexis and Alexia, this outcome is the everyday reality for more than half a million people in the US alone. 

Another result of Amazon’s use of “Alexa” as the word users say with each command is that the company has provided a script for how people now interact with girls and women named Alexa: they bark orders and requests at them the same way they do to the devices. With younger Alexas, it makes them the target of bullying from their peers, but these children also get commands from the adults that they encounter, too. Teenaged and older Alexas get commands yelled at them as well, but with the added humiliation of being told to perform sexual acts. 

People need, and are entitled to, the use of their name. No one should have to continuously negotiate with tech users to consider changing their settings or turning off their devices in order to make that possible. A product should not result in the dehumanization of people who simply want to continue using their own name; any product that does is unethical and must be changed.

Our mission is for Amazon to eliminate “Alexa” as a wake word and to rebrand their virtual assistant to a non-human name, so no one has to be subjected to this experience again. 


We seek to raise awareness of the harm and negative impact that product branding can create through understanding both corporate ethics and responsibility, as well as name bombardment. Our mission and two main goals as an organization are to raise public awareness of the profoundly negative consequences of utilizing a human name for a virtual assistant, and for Amazon to rebrand the wake word of its virtual assistant product, commonly known as Alexa.
As a result of the Alexa brand, young children, teens, and women are experiencing severe bullying, harassment, legal name changes, suicidal ideation, sexual harassment, anxiety, therapy, identity erasure and more. Alexa is a Human advocates for children, women, and families who have been impacted by the use of the human name Alexa, as a voice technology brand.
The name Alexa has become synonymous with servant. We appreciate the benefits such technology affords us all, and it is now widely used in our homes, our businesses and our schools. However, the pain it is causing must be acknowledged and remedied. We are not looking for financial gain.  What we do want is serious consideration of our request for a wake word change. 


Alexa now triggers + 1/4 billion devices 

Put yourselves in our shoes, hers. Imagine it’s your name or your child’s name.  What if someone chooses your name tomorrow? 

  • If you own a device, change the wake word to Amazon, Computer, or any non human name that you choose
  • Message your local radio/tv station, Amazon, and share with friends
    Do not post "Alexa, ... (play or complete task) "followed by servant requests on social media. Although most people don't realize, it's truly offensive
  • The device is NOT called Alexa, stop referring to it as Alexa, this will create change. Call it Amazon, Computer, etc.

Every time we have shared our story, the response is "I never realized." We know that it’s unintentional. We need to raise awareness and force change. 

You may think that you are not included or affected by this if you do not know someone named Alexa. This couldn't be further from the truth. She's at work, she's at your child's school, she's walking by you in the store as you refer to a servant machine in your home as herself. It's devastating.

Have you ever been teased or bullied so badly that you cringe when you hear your own name?

This is not a campaign against the technology, AI, or Amazon. This is simply a need to rebrand from a human name.  

The I Am Alexa Alliance 

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!
At 7,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!