Alexa is a human

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Alexa is a human -She is a daughter, woman, mother, niece, sister, wife, friend

Have you ever been teased or bullied so badly that you cringe when you hear your own name?

Read our letter to Amazon from the link

We didn't understand at first either.

To any parent that has named a child, please help us! Put yourselves in our shoes, hers.

If you own a device, change the wake name to Amazon, Computer, or any non human name that you choose
Message your local radio/tv station, Amazon, and share with friends
Do not post "Alexa, ... (play or complete task) "followed by servant requests on social media. Although most people don't realize, it's truly offensive
The device is NOT called Alexa, stop referring to it as Alexa, this will create change. Call it Amazon, Computer, etc.

Every time we have shared our story, the response is "I never realized, wow you're right." We know it's not intentional. We need to raise awareness and force change. 

You may think that you are not included or affected by this if you do not know someone named Alexa. This couldn't be further from the truth. She's at work, she's at your child's school, she's walking by you in the store as you refer to a servant machine in your home as herself. It's devastating.

We are not looking for any fame or financial gain from this request, only a change to what we believe is a giant mistake. 

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#givebackhername, #forcechange #Amazon