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Allow girls that have participated with a boys team for a full season (when a girls team is not available) to participate in a National qualifying tournament.

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Kace is a 3rd grade basketball player who has shown dedication, discipline, passion, and skill on the court. For seven seasons Kace has played for the Heat Central Illinois Boys AAU teams, making it in the 2013 edition of Best Basketball Players. When it came time to play in the qualifying tournament and championship games Kace was not allowed to play. Kace was benched because she is a girl. We are calling on the National Division of AAU to reverse their policy of not allowing girls to play in tournaments, ensuring every member of the team has a chance to play based on skill and not gender.


Since the age of 5 Kace was drawn to basketball. When Kace first started playing basketball, she explained to her mother that basketball made her heart beat fast. Her mom being a former basketball star informed her that was love for the game. Kace joined the local boys team after finding out the closest AAU girls team was over an hour away. Everyday she works hard to improve her game and be the best she can be. Her love for the game is clear. The values she has learned in basketball has also overflowed into her academics and taught her how to work together regardless of a persons race, sex, or physical ability.


These values were not on display by the AAU when their policy forced Kace to sit on the bench when it came time to play tournaments. The message it sends to the young kids who play the sport is the worst kind: you can be a member of the team and excel all season, but when it comes time to play the best of the best girls should be sidelined. We are asking the AAU to allow girls to play in qualifying tournaments with the teams they have played all season on.


Kace was sad and angry that she couldn’t play in the tournament. She didn’t understand why the AAU couldn’t see that letting her and other girls play was the right thing to do, especially after all her hard work and proving herself on the court. Regardless, Kace understands the meaning of the words team, courage and leadership - she went to every game of the tournament, sitting on the bench with her team and cheering them on, giving them water, showing 100% encouragement even though on the inside her heart was broke. Let us show the same courage and get the AAU to amend the boys only rule. There will be another tournament next year and lets get Kace and other girls off the sidelines. Sign and share our petition today.

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