Evan Burner for FC Amarillo!

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Evan Burner was raised just down the road in Canyon, TX in an old BNSF boxcar. Money wasn’t easy to come by in those days, but Mr. and Mrs. Burner were loving parents. Evan’s earliest memories are playing soccer in the yard with his father and young siblings. Like many young men, he longed to be a professional soccer player. One winter, the Panhandle winds whipped through the boxcar. Mr. Burner was away, trying to scratch out a living in the coal mines that dot the Texas Panhandle. Nine year old Evan was the man of the house, with his mother and young siblings to care for. They were out of options, and the wood stove had long since gone cold. With nowhere else to turn, Evan was forced to make a decision that no child should ever have to make. He used his sister’s safety scissors to cut up his only possession, his soccer ball. Evan used the leather hectagons to patch the walls of the boxcar, thereby saving his family. 

Now, Evan makes a living protecting and serving the fine people of Amarillo, haunted by dreams of what could have been. As his hairline slowly recedes so does his hope of becoming a professional soccer player. But wait, now professional soccer is knocking at his doorstep in the form of FC Amarillo. All he needs to do is try out on 04-08-2018 in Hereford, TX. Help me encourage Evan to try out and fulfill his childhood dreams.