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Save Gladstone Parade, Save our Community - Brent Council Please Listen to the Community.

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We, the local community, do not agree with Brent’s Planning Committee decision to give developers the go head to redevelop our lovely Parade.  We want to ask Brent Council to listen to its residents and see the decision reviewed.

Why don't we think the new development will be a good idea?

We are worried that the new development is a gross over-development of a small site and will:

  1. Overshadow the local Infant School & residential gardens and cause potential security problems.
  2. Cause problems as the vehicular exit for the flats will be directly opposite the entrance to the infant school.
  3. Cause increased traffic congestion and associated risks.
  4. Cause our local, much-loved and much-needed small businesses to lose their livelihood & the residential tenants to lose their homes. So many of the locals, especially young families and the elderly use the shops on a daily basis, and use the opportunity to walk to the shops to meet neighbours and get exercise.  We don't want this taken away from them.

Secondly, the proposed development will not benefit future residents either.

  1. The level of pollution caused by the traffic fumes from the Edgware Road entering flats exceeds current guidelines - as agreed by the developers.  
  2. There is no play area for children in the flats.  Are they to play in the car park with vehicles, goods deliveries and refuse collectors sharing this space?
  3. 30% of the housing is affordable.  So, 70% is therefore, what?   Unaffordable?  The flats just across the road have been marketed direct to China, and 80% have been sold. 

The planning committee were presented with information that was not true.

The developer says that residents who live within 200 metres were written to and advised about this development.  This is incorrect, as those living within this area can confirm.  The developers  did not even know how many shops were open.  How can anyone come to a decision when the information presented was wrong?

Isn’t the Parade a bit run down and tired?

Well, it would be, if those who are minded to do so have deliberately let it run down.  It’s a good excuse to get it redeveloped.  Actually, the building is structurally sound, it just needs to be rejuvenated, and there are companies who have successfully done just this across London. 

It does have historic merit.  It just needs some love - think an uplifted facade, geraniums and bunting, and it will be the buzzing heart of the community that it is now and that it deserves to be for future generations to enjoy.

The council is supposed to represent its residents and look after their best interests.  Please help us to make Brent review this decision, listen to the wisdom of those who live in and love the area, and keep the heartbeat of our community alive.

Thanks for signing our petition and supporting us.  Feel free to pass this on to anyone you think might be interested.  

Many Thanks and Best Wishes.

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