Winifred Atwell T.V. Shows DVD Release Request

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I understand The British Film Institute currently hold in their archives, 13 x 1/2 hour episodes of The Winifred Atwell T.V. Shows from 1961.

Each show contains 5 x Grand Piano mixed performances and 2 Upright "Other Piano" performances.

The films are currently just gathering dust on archive shelves, when their release on DVD could be bringing pleasure and inspiration to so many people, as most of the music is timeless and covers all genres from Classical to Pop to Jazz.

It has been reported that Winifred Atwell inspired the likes of Elton John and many other fine pianists worldwide.

Significantly, Winifred Atwell was the first black person to have a Number 1 hit in the U.K. too.

It is just an absolute travesty that these films aren't available to the public on DVD.