Save Karori creche and return the property back to the community!

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Plunket is closing down the Karori Plunket creche. The Karori community fundraised to buy the site in 1939 and continued to fundraise and spend countless hours to build and maintain the rooms for the community. This has benefitted generations of Karori families for almost 80 years. 

Without warning or consultation Plunket has taken $50,000 of community funds from the creche bank account. They will likely sell the site and take that money too.

Help us keep the creche open and call for Plunket to gift this site back to the community! Please show your support by signing this petition and asking everyone you know to do it too.

This is not just happening in Karori, Plunket is doing this to other communities too. TV One News item here:

We need your donations to help our group of concerned parents pay for a legal challenge to Plunket's actions. Our challenge is just the first step in a wider challenge on behalf of all affected communities so your donation will benefit not only the Karori community, but others too.

Donations will be spent on hiring a lawyer to challenge Plunket's actions. Any money raised over the cost of our legal fees will be donated to

To donate, follow this link:

Thank you for your support. #feelingblueaboutplunket