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Support police officers doing their job

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Two police officers are facing potential prosecution after having bravely, with disregard for their own safety, for the good of law abiding citizens, pursued two criminals who chose to break the law in a "smash and grab" and to then flee from police being too cowardly to face the consequences of their actions. 

Their choice to flee from police officers who were trying to uphold the law and detain them, resulted in their death. The police officers did exactly what every law abiding citizen hopes they would do and gave chase to criminals in one of the few instances where the police were actually able to detect them before they had escaped.

The police officers, despite the potential for being prosecuted, of not being supported by their senior officers, of being made scapegoats and of having been warned internally that it was probably not in their own personal best interests to pursue criminals who were causing harm and distress to others, chose to selflessly and bravely still try to uphold the law and protect people from thieving criminals and try to make the country a safer and nicer place to live. 

As a result of their brave, selfless, courageous actions, the two police officers are being subjected to intense scrutiny and personal harassment and stress. Actions exactly like this on the part of the ipcc and supported by the government are the reason police officers are having to make a judgement call as to whether they want to uphold the law and protect the law abiding citizens of this country and face prosecution for it or whether they wish to protect themselves and so let criminals like this run wild and make life and the country worse for the rest of us.

Drop all consideration of charges against these heroic, brave officers. Compensate them for the emotional, psychological stress they have been put under and give them recognition for their selfless act of trying to defend the public from selfish criminals who chose to make it a worse place for the rest of us to live. 



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