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The Corner Lakes Estates Homeowner's Association Board is currently collecting HOA fees, bi-annually, from each household, in the amount of $200. The residents of this community are unaware of where these funds are being applied. We wish to know immediately how our HOA fees are being distributed, and what the HOA's future plans are to maintain and improve our neighborhood. 

Our community has seen a decline in adherence to the HOA rules that we each agreed to upon purchasing our homes. The condition of the neighborhood continues to decline, garnering ongoing complaints regarding lack of yard maintenance, waste removal, architectural harmony, overcrowded street parking, and negligence of amenities (playground, basketball court, and ponds), among other things.

As residents of Corner Lakes, we have not been consistently contacted by our HOA regarding any community updates. The HOA has not consistently sent out emails or letters by postal mail, which should be required in any event that effects our community. 

In October, the Corner Lakes Estates HOA Board was supposed to hold a meeting for the community to elect a new Board Member, however, the community was not sufficiently notified that we had to have at least 45 homeowners present for that decision to be made. We were, therefore, unable to elect a new HOA Board Member, and the decision of who would be elected reverted to current Board members. We demand that sufficient notification be mailed through the postal service, in writing, when any important meetings, actions, or decisions are taking place among our HOA. This includes, but is not limited to consideration of new projects in the community, changes to Board Members or Association rules, and anything else that effects the members of this community.

During the October meeting, we were advised by our property manager representative, Amanda Herx, and Corner Lakes Estates HOA Board Members that our community is lacking two essential committees that are necessary for the Board to monitor the community and act against residents who are violating the rules of our HOA. This is the reason that rules are not being properly enforced within the community. Since being notified, several homeowners and residents have expressed interest in being on these committees, so that we can improve our community and enforce the rules of the HOA. 

We need 3 homeowners to be on the Fines Committee, and we need 3 homeowners to be on the Architectural Review Board. These committees are the only way we can legally enforce the rules of the HOA. The 3 members on either committee can also be on both committees.

We would also like to consider adding and addendum to the current HOA rules to include parking guidelines, so that residents can safely drive around the community, and so that emergency response vehicles can access every home in this community without delay. There have been numerous occasions reported on which emergency response vehicles were impeded by overcrowded street parking, and this puts the health and lives of our residents in danger. We ask that the addendum include restrictions for residents to park only on one designated side of the street, in garages, or driveways only. Install signs within the community to indicate parking rules.

The purpose of this petition is to demand that the Corner Lakes Estates HOA Board as well as our property management company, including FS Residential and Amanda Herx immediately take action to do the following:

1) Install 3 homeowners to take on the role of Fines Committee Members, regardless of whether they are able to make every single monthly HOA meeting.

2) Install 3 homeowners to take on the role of Architectural Review Board Members, regardless of whether they are able to make every single monthly HOA meeting.

If the HOA Board does not know who is interested in volunteering for these roles, immediately send out mailings to each home in the community requesting volunteers. If members must be homeowners, include this information on the letters. If there are other options available, make those options known. Continue to send out these notifications on a monthly basis until these committees are installed, and functioning.

3) Add an amendment to our HOA rules that includes parking restricted to one designated side of the street, to mitigate serious issues that continue to arise due to overcrowded streets.

4) Immediately install mandatory monthly communications from the HOA Board via newsletter, either by postal mail or email, that apprise the community of important updates. Do not expect community members to be able to go to monthly HOA meetings to obtain important information. The monthly communication must be provided in writing.

5) Immediately select a member of the HOA Board to keep minutes at all HOA meetings, and keep record of the minutes available to homeowners no later than 7 calendar days after each meeting has occurred.

6) Ask the HOA Board and Amanda Herx to respond to community requests in a timely manner. We ask that Board Members and the property manager take no longer than 72 hours to respond to critical matters, and no longer than 5 calendar days to respond to less crucial matters.

All of us who sign this petition request all actions of this petition to be acknowledged and completed prior to January 31, 2017.


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