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Fathers rights

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How fathers that actually want to be in their  kids life! The court system has declined the rights because of the mother. Going on 4 and half years $40,000.00 later still not one  visitation.He is at this point not knowing what do. I feel like the  attorney is not trying hard enough or just wanting more and more money. He has done everything the judge has asked him, taken  several  drug test which he had to pay for $200.00 each time.They all came back negative. Which made the mother very mad so she tried to prolong which the judge allowed it to happen once again. At one point in time they had a court agreement where he was able to visit with  supervised  visitations with her parents before he took  her to court again. When he tried to have visitation with his daughter, the mother always made an excuse for him not to see her.She has  moved  several  times and then she changed her phone  number. She failed to  notify him which court records states that she was supposed to. There  was one point and time she took him to court to try to get her new husband to adopt her,but that actually got declined. Don’t know if it was cause it was in Rogers county. But that judge knew he was trying to keep all rights and that he was a good father that wanted to be in his daughters life. With all this court going back and forth keep in mind she is not having to pay anything.Her attorney is free,it’s a close friends  He family’s , and her mom has worked for a long time. He has also paid  his child support every month.For what ever reason this mother is deprived him of his rights. The father was a part of the daughters life for her  first year. After the first year the mother refuses  his right to visitation and father has been fighting since then and the daughter is now 8.  There is no reason for her to keep her away from him. Something in the court system needs to be changed. Please help where she has to help for the The counseling and that he is able to get visitations. It’s not right when a father actually wants to be in his daughters life, and  the mother is  declining his rights.

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