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My granddaughter boo boo

Amanda Beech
Stafford, United Kingdom

Jul 1, 2014 — Still fighting for justice for my granddaughter I was at court last month for breaking the order judge duggen sent me for not naming my granddaughter back in January 2014
I was given 14 days for each brech so 56 days suspended senspended for 12 months in all
Like I told them all I will never give up she is stolen and she has family that love her and shan't her very much like hundreds more children all over that have be placed for forced adoption by the corrupt social services
I am still waiting to get a date for ECHR I swear if it kills me I will get the truth heard
They have placed my granddaughter for adoption in front of the same judge that sentences me judge duggen and the social worker who is letting this all happen is Karen Harvey from stafford social services she is a child abuser in my eyes
I wonder if the adoptees know that my granddaughter has a family who are fighting and that Karen Harvey sent me a letter 28 th November apologising placing my granddaughter by mistake while court pro inning was still on yes and then they still carry on like nothing has gone on
They are corrupt in every single way
Please join us on facebook
Stop social services taking the wrong children in to care


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