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Amanda Beech
Stafford, United Kingdom

Dec 29, 2013 — The more I see and read every day about social services is so so wrong they are stealing baby's from the mothers from new born do they not no what they are doing to these children
Why you ask your self for no good reason at all our nightmare startes 2012 when my daughter and granddaughter went in to a mother and baby unit for 14 weeks but that all went well and because my daughter was still only 17 yrs old they said her and [child] had to go in foster placement together in till she turned 18 yrs old and she would get a flat with [child].
So what when's wrong ??
The foster placement lady told Clare to live her life and she would take her out drinking while her husband would look after the baby so like any other 17 yr old she believe this women and through she was her friend and was there to help her she was telling her to go running twice a day to get fit she would look after the baby go shopping and treat your self and behind her back tell sw lies


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