Petition update

14/12/13 had a letter posted in letter box by who I don't no

Amanda Beech
Stafford, United Kingdom

Dec 17, 2013 — Well stafford social services social worker Karen Harvey is trying to gag me from telling the world the truth about my granddaughter [child] who has been stole by stafford social services
They want me to take pictures down off candyce take my group down on Facebook
Stop social services taking children for the wrong reasons
And to top it all of take this petition down
Well the answer to your letter or court papers is no I am going to get the truth heard
They want me at court in January 2014 well I had a letter telling me I can not attend another court in the uk to do with candyce case so how can I go against the laws wishes I do not think So I do not lies only ss do
Well been on radio show tonight 15/12/13 for few hours about how social services stole candyce the whole story few more shows yet few news papers tomorrow a internet show got the story and a few more I am not going to stop no matter what
Fare justice in the uk you have to go to war for your family


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