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Royal courts off justices what a joke

Amanda Beech
Stafford, United Kingdom

Dec 8, 2013 — We was at court on Friday 29th November at 10.30 am the case got dismissed ask your self why ?
The judge said because we didn't have the mother and baby report so he could see it he could not do any think but we was not allowed it has we do not have pr why didn't he send for it from stafford social services why but he did say that stafford social services sent him a email saying they have placed candyce by mistake on 5 th September with adoptee placement
How corrupt is this system ss was told on 18 th July at a meeting not to place candyce and I served them paper stamped on 5 th august so why place her had a conversation with them on 26 th October and they said they didn't no I was still fighting for her well they are liers and we all know that
And I will show the world the truth if it kills me my granddaughter should not be in care at all
I have had a letter from stafford social services apologising we'll not good enough they have abused Candyce by stopping her real family


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